March 25th-28th, 2024 San Diego, CA

Are you seeking The Truth

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You are meant to be abundant and financially free.

You are meant to live your highest purpose, working because you want to & not because you have to.

You're meant to have a diverse investment portfolio, served by consultants rich in expertise and integrity.

But the Matrix has you.

And until you break free, it will continue keeping you enslaved to the dollars-for-hours grind.

And you will live the life prescribed for you. NOT life by your own design. Not the life you're meant to live.

What is the Health & Wealth Matrix?

A Matrix is defined as:

1) A system of control; 2) An accepted reality that stops people from living their best lives.

Here are some ways the Matrix has you:

> An education system that creates employees, not entrepreneurs

> The lack of education on investments

> Fear-mongering towards entrepreneurship and investing

> Massive student loan debt & interest rates that grossly limit career options

> Cultural obsession with consumerism

> The lack of education on proper nutrition & self sustainability

> The use of immense amount of chemicals in food & water

> Lack of availability of alternative health modalities paid by insurances

Our motto is to amplify the voices of non-traditional innovators in health and wealth prosperity.

are you ready to take over?

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What does it mean to take the Red Pill?

Wealth & Business Creation Plans

Let us support you to unlock your potential with our wealth creation plans. Our wealth creation plans are designed to help you reach your financial goals in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our plans provide you with the tools and resources necessary to create wealth quickly and easily.

Vibrant Wellness Secrets

We believe in the power of vibrant wellness. Our secrets provide you with the insights and guidance needed to create a healthy lifestyle that will help you reach your wellness goals. Our vibrant wellness secrets will help you find balance in all aspects of your life including the 8 dimensions of Wellness defines below.

World Class Public Speaking

We understand the importance of communication. Our masterful art of communication provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively communicate with others in all areas of life. Our guidance will help you become a master communicator in every situation.

Hosting Transformational Events

We understand the power of transformational events where we provide you with the opportunity to network and learn from industry experts, while also having the chance to be designing your own events for grand success of your venture.

Online Marketing Systems

Online marketing systems that are designed to help you effectively market your products and services online. Our systems provide you with the tools and resources needed to create an effective marketing strategy that will help you reach your target audience. Our online marketing systems with LinkedIn are tailored to meet your needs and help you grow your business.

who comes to RPXP?

Red Pill Revolutionaries who are devoted to evolving humanity across the following dimensions of health.

Which dimensions do YOU resonate with?

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Our world has been run by systems of control. The collective impact can be seen in our grossly diminished mental, emotional, physical , social & spiritual health.

This is for you if you wish to

  • Unleash Your Potential: Break Free from the Status Quo and Make a Powerful Impact on the World!

  • Experience True Health: Embrace a Holistic Approach and Break Free from Profit-Driven Pharmaceuticals.

  • Unlock Biohacking : Discover the Secrets to Optimal Well-Being for Vitality & Productivity.

  • Master the Art of Audience Engagement: Find the Perfect Platform to Reach and Inspire Your Ideal Followers.

  • Convert Downloads into Influence: Transform Your Message into Powerful Results You Deserve.

  • Take Control of Your Success: Say Goodbye to Mediocrity and Start Creating the Wealth You Deserve.

  • Boost Your Visibility: Unlock Your Credibility and Gain the Exposure You Need to Succeed.

  • Unleash the Power of LinkedIn: Discover the Secrets to Leveraging this Platform for Professional Success.

  • Launch Your Own Thriving Community and Make a Lasting Impact.

Something needs to change.

Now is the time to DISRUPT the status quo.

And it’s up to YOU

We have the


for you

The red pill experience

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BE Part of the Revolution

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of health, wealth, and sovereignty that have been hidden from us by the Matrix?

Join us on an exciting journey of discovery and uncover the hidden knowledge that will transform your life. Imagine a world where you have the power to control your health, build lasting wealth, and enjoy true freedom.

This is not a dream, it's a reality waiting for you to CLAIM IT. Join us for the

Red Pill Experience and let's break free from the limitations of the Matrix together.

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the details

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Our event location Cactus Blossom & Victorian Ranch in North San Diego, CA in bed of mother nature is a breathtaking location in coastal city, the RPXP is a harmonious integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit, promoting overall health and wellness.

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Over the 4-days you will enjoy scrumptious & gourmet international chef curated breakfast , lunch & dinner offerings that will give you the fuel you need to create the magnificent shifts you crave in your life.

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Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, you'll discover the power of support, inspiration, and belonging as you own your voice and break out of the box that has been holding you back. Discover what it's like to have someone by your side who will take an unconditional stand for you!

Retreat Location:

San Diego, CA

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Day 1

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VIP Bootcamp day to design & launch your LIVE IN-PERSON EVENTS with other

successful leaders in the industry.

By Invite Only for Abundant Tribe Leaders on a mission to awaken humanity and raise the consciousness of Planet Earth.

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Day 2

day 2:

The Secrets of Vibrant Health

Uncover the Matrices of our Planet

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Plant Medicine Panel

Biohacking Sessions

Evening Sound Bath Healing

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Day 3

day 3:

Creating Massive Wealth

The Billionaire Mindset

Raising your Wealth Vibration

Mastering the Art of Generating Multiple Streams of Income

The Future of the Dollar & Tax Advantage Secrets

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Day 4

day 4:

Real Estate, Public Speaking

The Hidden Wealth Opportunities

in Real Estate

Public Speaking & Leadership

Masterminding + Collaborations

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meet y0ur



Jon is a powerhouse entrepreneur who's dedicated to helping others achieve success through the power of public speaking and storytelling. Since 2011, Jon has graced over 300 stages, inspiring and mentoring more than 1000 entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and create a positive impact on society. Not only that, he's trained public speaking at top-tier organizations such as HBO and Google, showcasing his talent as a true leader in communication. But that's not all - Jon is also a master community builder, having produced 42 music and arts festivals, 27 in-person seminars, and co-founded not one, but two tiny house villages. His commitment to creating a better world for all is truly inspirational. If you're ready to unleash your potential and take your public speaking skills to the next level, Jon is the mentor you've been searching for.

Dr. Mansi Shah

Dr. Mansi Shah is a true pioneer in the world of integrative medicine and wealth management. Mansi is a licensed clinical integrative pharmacist, certified functional medicine practitioner, and Holistic Nutritionist, who has achieved unprecedented breakthroughs in patient outcomes through her unique approach. As a doctor who dared to go rogue from Big Pharma, Mansi has made it her mission to revolutionize the healthcare industry and empower individuals to take control of their own health. But that's not all - Mansi is also a trailblazer in the world of finance, making history as the first woman of color to found a hedge fund in the U.S. As a wealth management specialist, she's helped countless individuals achieve financial freedom and security. Mansi's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation is truly inspiring. If you're ready to take your health and wealth to the next level, Mansi is the mentor you need to achieve your goals.

Our Honored Speakers & Facilitators


Learn Tax Secrets from the Best in the Industry

Chris Gandy is the Founder of Midwest Legacy Group and has spent the last 19 years helping individuals reach their most important goals.

In 1999, Chris started his own practice and, since then, has traveled the U.S. working with business owners, physicians, professional athletes, and key executives.

Chris was a Communications major at the University of Illinois. After college, Chris played professional basketball for the Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, and in L’Hermaine, France

Known as a Tax Wizard , Chris will revolutionize your wealth plans & create a legacy for your family.

Stephanie Zito

Wealth Hypnosis

Stephanie Zito is an internationally-known Psychic Medium, Certified Hypnotherapist + Manifesting Facilitator.

She’s worked with personal clients and numerous corporations, including AT&T, Park Hyatt Hotels, U.S. Peace Corps and Sesame Street Research, leading teambuilding, conflict resolution, and big vision workshops.

Stephanie will guide all entrepreneurs in a Money Magnet Hypnosis session to release money blocks and align your subconscious with thoughts, beliefs, and actions to attract more money into your life.

Matt Ritchey

Evolving through Plant Medicine

Matt is the author of Elevated Executive & founder of Inner Circle, a dedicated plant medicine community of leaders and innovators.

His team-building skills have been utilized by brands like Facebook and AirBnB, and his leadership framework has produced over $100M in profits for brand’s he’s helped grow.

He lives in Carlsbad with his wife and two kids- building the framework for the next generation to be trauma-informed and plant medicine aware.

evan galeano

Mastering your Brand Story is Worth Millions

Evan is the creative director of Brand Story, a growth-focused video marketing agency that specializes in strategic, emotional story-driven content that builds deep connections of understanding, trust, and alignment with brands and their target audiences.

Their strategies have helped a new coach land a Ted X talk, fintech companies raise 8 figures in start up capital, Nonprofit Greatness Collective 10x donations, and $2B info product giant Agora Financial make content to scale in a 7-figure ad campaign.

What sets their agency apart is its values and approach. They started with marketing strategies that allowed them to create moving content that deeply connected with their client's target audience.


Divine Cacao Ceremony

Founder of the boutique Lavande Spiritual Wellness and the cafe Elixir De La Lune, located in the Bird Rock area of San Diego, Krystia is also an international retreat leader.

Krystia will be leading a Cacao Ceremony designed for entrepreneurs to lead their missions for a profound heart-centered place.


Healing from E-Smog & 5G Radiation

J Han is a Biohacker, Entrepreneur, Sound Meditation Guide, and Author. She is co-founder of CLOSET in Ocean Beach, and an international retreat leader in Colombia.

She will be supporting RPXP participants with healing from e-smog and wifi radiation, leaving them free to live their clearest, most impactful lives.


Producing Profitable Events

Linda Cain has been in the event business for more than 3 decades and has helped clients to overcome obstacles to grow engaged audiences and host smooth & profitable LIVE events.

Linda has been there, done that and seen just about everything (you won’t believe some of the stories…). From spectacular success to fantastic failures, Linda know what works and what doesn’t. She is excited to share that priceless knowledge with you at RPXP.


Akashic Records Reading

Gabriella’s background in behavioral science allows her to identify the audience’s needs, help them set tangible goals, and channel their energy toward their highest purpose.

As a powerful channeler, through reading the Akashic Records, Gabby empowers the audience to discover why they may be having health and wealth challenges, and how to move past them. She’ll move the audience away from fear and insecurities, and to discover the precise applications of their greatest gifts.



Sean Stewart is a speaker, trainer and mentor for mission driven business coaches. Sean’s main focus is helping heart-based coaches build 6 figures business by attracting and enrolling high-end clients.

7-figure business leaders like Ted McGrath, Marni Battista, and Marisa Murgitroyd have hired Sean to help their sales teams increase conversions.

Sean has been a featured expert on NBC news, Fox News and in The New York Times and with 15 years experience as a public speaker, he inspires mission driven coaches and entrepreneurs around the globe to actualize their highest life ambitions.

Lindsay MCClung

Kundalini Yoga

Lindsay is a multi-talented individual, merging her expertise as a kundalini yoga teacher and Level 3 certified reiki master practitioner with a distinguished career in film producing. Since 2016, she has immersed herself in the world of yoga, teaching in Los Angeles and now in San Diego. Lindsay's commitment to holistic wellness extends to organizations such as Yoga For Y.O.U.T.H., Mindfulness Resilience for Veterans, Recovery 2.0 Yoga for Addiction, and specialized training in Trauma-Informed Yoga Education under Hala Khouri.

A 2012 graduate of the American Film Institute with an MFA in Producing, Lindsay's cinematic journey has seen her collaborating with industry icons like Mark Gordon, Lisa Cholodenko, Jordan Peele, and more. Beyond entertainment, Lindsay is fervently dedicated to raising awareness of vital social, political, and economic issues, both on and off-screen. Her lifelong passion for making the world a better place is channeled through crafting films that are not only entertaining but also enlightening, shedding light on the often-overlooked issues and concerns that our society faces.

Lindsay is a powerful force for positive transformation in both the realms of holistic well-being and cinema.

Martha Razo


Power of Data

♾Mathematician | Entrepreneur | CEO of Guero's Pallets | Founder of Xcelerator Business Summit | Co-founder of Solix Services | Philanthropist |

4x Author♾

Martha Razo is a dynamic professional with a strong blend of mathematical expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and a track record of building successful businesses.

With a focus on business strategy, financial acumen, and a commitment to empowering others, Martha continues to make a significant impact in the business world.

Nikita Bhakta

Healing for Visionaries

Nikita Bhakta is a certified Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist. Her primary focus is in preventative practices, mindfulness, digestive health, and stress management. She comes from a lineage of East Indian women who have implemented Ayurvedic traditions passed down from generations. She knows the importance of mind-body connection and is passionate about helping her community live a more harmonious lifestyle by bringing awareness back to Self and Nature. She provides her clients with an array of tools, resources, and pure presence to awaken the healer within.

Kirti Srivastava

The Creative Hara Flow

Kirti Srivastava is a dancer, educator and performer inspiring audiences as well as training teachers and students for over 25 years. She holds two Masters Degrees in Education (one in the Arts and the other in the Sciences) and certifications in Yoga ( ERYT 500 - Hatha and Children's Yoga), Partnership Coaching and Counseling (Progressive Love Academy) & Personal Selves Integration (PSI) Guided Meditation and Coaching (Tiffany Barsotti, Heal and Thrive).

Kirti's work focuses on embodying the fullest expressions of ourCELLves through the Arts ( Visual, Music, Movement, Poetry, Theatre and Technology) with Vibrational Frequencies (biofield tuning & sound frequencies) in order to Heal and Evolve towards OUR most optimal prESSENCE and Performance on this planet.

Diann Alexander

Sound Bowls for Leading in Alignment

Diann Alexander, BS, MM, MM is an Energy Codes® Certified Master Trainer. She empowers speakers and singers to deliver their heartfelt message with confidence and authenticity.

Her special sauce is combining three advanced degrees, 50 years of voice teaching and music directing, 35 years of energy facilitation and the

magic of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to help Presenters uncover their authenticity and confidently bring it to the stage. From Stage Fright to Stage Might, she Awakens Your Authentic


Diane De Vettori

Merchant Processing Expert

Diane De Vettori is a Payment Processing Consultant with Impact Payments who helps both small and large businesses reduce costs and maximize cash flow.

Prior to working with Impact, she was a Live Event Manager for her husband's company. Over the past 10 years, she experienced firsthand how credit card processing companies charged extremely high fees, withheld payments, and required a rigorous approval process before every event.

After her husband switched to Impact, she saw the savings, personalized customer experience, and ease he was experiencing, and knew this was a company she could truly stand behind. Diane takes pride in helping businesses in the same way by providing customized solutions and elite customer service to fit their unique business needs.

Tsi-tsi-ki Félix

THE Truth about Mass Media

Emmy-Award winning television journalist, radio host, and news anchor for national and international stories. Proven ability to expand markets, gain viewership in both Latino and general markets in all facets of television, radio, news reporting, production and investigation. Philanthropist and public speaker.


* Production

* Investigative Reporting

* Television Hosting

* Moderating

* Latino Market Specialist

* Public Speaking

* Mentoring

* Team Building

Daniel John Hanneman


Dan has an extensive background as a

professional counselor and certified hypnotherapist with combined business and professional backgrounds in energy scanning, energy clearing, spiritual life coaching, intuitive business coaching, channeling, metaphysics, Religious Science, hypnosis, psychology, motivational techniques, and personal/business development systems.

From a best-selling book series, Daniel has co-authored the book, Wake Up Live The Life You Love – Living In Abundance, which featured internationally renowned legends including Anthony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Michael Beckwith. He is the creator and host of 2podcasts, Spiritual Rockstar Podcast (a top 3% show), and released this year his latest podcast, Just 2 Conscious Guys Talking. Daniel is the creator of the Rock Your Sacred Purpose that is unleashing game-changing

spiritual entrepreneurs to Rock Their Sales with Source,Sovereignty, and Success with his amazing energy scanning/intuitive strategic insights/tactics to energetically and strategically align your business to your greatest purpose.


Land Flipping, Think outside the box


Development & Construction Management:

Construction Education and Training; Land Acquisition, Entitlement & Development; Construction Management Consulting

Business Analysis and Advising:

Management Analysis; Business Training; Business Coaching; Facilitation of Leadership Forums and Mastermind groups;

Public Speaking:

Keynote Speaker, Radio Talk Show Host, TV Show Host, Presentations, Seminars

DR. Loren Michaels Harris

Loren Michaels-Harris is a motivator.

A former foster child, Michaels-Harris strives to inspire and uplift every person who crosses his path. His message shows those who want to know, that while life is full of challenges, “it is our challenges that provide us our greatest opportunities for growth and learning,” he says.

As a mentor, “Break Through Coach,” author and friend, Michaels-Harris believes that we are all a part of “The Ripple Effect,” and that it is his duty to use his story to create a ripple that will reach around the globe.

To achieve this, Loren embarks daily upon his quest to become a special type of impactor, the type of impactor that only accepts the honor of being referred to as one, from acknowledging and respecting each step and misstep that got him here.

Loren currently has a Goalcast Motivational video out that has earned well over 7M views worldwide.

In addition to his recently released album; “Turn It Around”, Loren has been featured on Larry King Live; NPR; PEOPLE Magazine; ABC; NBC; CBS; CNN; and FOX.

Are you ready to take the red pill?

The choice is yours.

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